Meet The Team

Meet Good Neighbourhood’s core delivery team!

Alex M profile photo

Alex – LXXX

Design, Experience & Events

One of the most recognised and experienced DJs in Meanjin. Lex has been elevating Brisbane’s sound for almost two decades. There isn’t an iconic establishment that hasn’t benefited from his touch and attention to detail that makes him one of the most trusted selectors in the industry.

His contribution comes via his design studio Interether. Alex consults and provides assets that help GoodHood achieve its retro web2.0 forum-feel that most of us grew up on. Combine this with the event management he does for SHOKU and we’re able to achieve a cohesive experience between our digital and physical offerings.

Dan – Rahms

Community Engagement, Web3

Through his contributions as the producer/engineer known as Rahms, or the bassist for Boss Moxi, Dan has been part of Meanjin’s music scene in all the ways a dedicated artist could be. His commitment to the essence of artistic practice has led him to help us with SHOKU and GoodHood initiatives as it aligns with his own ethos.

Dan’s previous work with Web3 startup InkPay, and the wildly successful Pink Flamingo Social Club on the FTM network, has given him the experience and tools to help steer GoodHood in a forward-thinking direction. You can now find him in Bali where he works as a freelancer on a plethora of innovative projects.

Baz – Night Palms

Product & Business Development

Known artistically as Night Palms, the producer who kick started Beat Sessions which led to the discovery of SHOKU collective. He has been a highly engaged member of Meanjin’s community for over a decade, focussing most of his energy on providing experiences for artists to find their peers. Translating this work into an online experience is what birthed the idea of Good Neighbourhood.

Baz brings a wealth of digital experience, having worked in Web Development, UX and now Product for many large, well-known brands; his expertise enables us to deliver GoodHood at a sustainable pace while ensuring we’re serving the needs of the community.