Beat Sessions

Attend | Present | Vote | Collect


Vote & Collect!

Everyone involved provides feedback to artists by voting. The best tunes of each artist will be given exclusively to those who hold the Audience Pass

All ticket sales go towards creating the exclusive album as voted and owned by the artists and fans.

Guest Speakers: Young Franco + Squidginini

Joining us this year will be Young Franco and Squidginini. They’ll be providing insights into their process and show us what they’ve been working on!

How it works

Live audience feedback on unreleased music
  1. Get your Audience Pass to attend/stream Beat Sessions. This unique ticket allows you to vote on each presenter’s music.
  2. If you’re an artist, we encourage you to apply to present your music, all countries welcome.
  3. Each producer showcases up to three unreleased tunes in-person or online.
  4. Audience Pass holders vote their favourite beats by each artist.
  5. Most popular tune of each artist will be airdropped to everyone holding an Audience Pass.


Limited Edition Music

Only Audience Pass holders will receive copies of the most voted tunes. You will own an exclusive share of the music you helped release!

Access to Private Bandcamp

You’ll also get access to the private exclusive Beat Sessions #13 album on Bandcamp so you can stream it anytime, anywhere via the Bandcamp app. 


Good Neighbour hood

Good Neighbourhood is SHOKU’s Web3 research and development arm, building products and services for the new creator class. Our mission is to use technology for the greater good, strengthening the connection between artists and fans. 

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“The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people.”

Tasio Odate


Beat Sessions #12 recap